[2015] Grace S: The Invasion of Normandy

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Social Studies
World War II

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[2015] Grace S: The Invasion of Normandy

June 6, 1944

12 AMJune 6

Bombers drop first bombs on German targets at sunrise, and the battle begins.

First group of Allied landing craft reaches the beach, and the first tanks are launched.

1st Division commander, General Huebner sets up command post on Omaha beach.

The Allies suffered approximately 12,000 casualties within the first 24 hours of the Normandy campaign, and between 4,000-9,000 Germans were killed.

The first airborne troops begin to land, and landing craft begins to be lowered into the water.

5:20 AM

6:20 AM

7 PM

12 AMJune 7

Watch this video to hear General Eisenhower's speach to soldiers.

This is a diagram of the Allies attack on Normandy beach on the morning of June 6.

Click here to read papers and reports on the preparation and the invasion of Normandy Beach.

Normandy by Cyril CrainCome and stand in memoryOf men who fought and diedThey gave their lives in NormandyRemember them with pride.Soldiers, Airman, sailorsAirborne and marinesWho in civvy life were tailorsand men who worked machines.British and CanadianAnd men from USAForces from the CommonwealthThey all were there that day

I chose this topic because I know someone who fought in this battle, and it always interested me. During this project I learned that there were five divsions of American, British, and Canadian solders. I hope people learn what a major turning point in the war this battle was.

To Juno, Sword and UtahBeaches of renownAlso Gold and OmahaThat’s where the ramps went down.The battle raged in NormandyMany lives were lostThe war must end in victoryAnd this must be the costWhen my life is overAnd I reach the other sideI’ll meet my friends from NormandyAnd shake their hands with pride.

The Invasion of Normandy


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