The Inuit

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The Inuit

The Inuit

By Meredith Grefer

It is believed that the Inuit people originally came from Asia and crossed the Beringia land bridge to get to North America.


This tribe wouldusually eat sea animals, ox, elk, birds, and the ocasional fox.


This tribe would often wear a parka made of seal or elk fur.


The Inuit believe that they see their ancestors' spirits during the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights).

Did You Know?

They get around:Inuit would use a travois, which is a wooden sled pulled by a dog, for transportation. The husky breed of dog was developed by the Inuit as a cross between dogs and wolves.

The Inuit believe in a large man-eating wolf known as Amarok, which symbolizes fear and darkness.

Did You Also Know ...?

Housing:In the summer, the Inuit lived in tents called tupiq; in the winter, they lived in snow houses called igloos.

Inuit tupiq

Inuit igloo

My sources:Wikipedia andGoogle Images


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