The Inuit Tribe

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The Inuit Tribe

Festival-Quviasukvikis is a beggining winter celebration where inuits hunt,kill, and local games

Transportation-Inuit used a sled with a dog team to travel and move around-Inuits use kayaks to move on water

The Inuit Tribe

Clothing -traditional Inuit clothing was made from animal skins and fur-Boots are made from animal skins-Big thick coats with big hoods called “parkas” were worn as an outer layer-The boots worn by the Inuit are called mukluks or kamik

Food- Inuit eat caribou, whale and seal meat as well as reindeer meat -Inuits hunt for their food.- Inuits cut a hole in the ice and point there spear in the water

Shelter-Inuit use the igloo in the winter-Igloos are normally made from blocks of snow placed on top of each other-summer home are tent made out of seal skins hung off a frame made of driftwood or whale bone

Fun Facts-Inuits live in Greenland, Alaska, Canada, and easter Russia-A member of the Inuit tribe is called an Inuk-Women had to sewing, cooking, and raising the children-Men provided food by hunting and fishing.


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