[2015] Nipun Dour: The Inuit tribe

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[2015] Nipun Dour: The Inuit tribe

The Inuit Tribe

Bibliography Websitehttp://firstpeoplesofcanada.com/fp_groups/fp_inuit3.html

Native American TribesThere are a couple of tribes in the artic the Aleuts, Eskimo, Tlingit, Haida, Eyak, Tsimshian, and Athabaskan.

Arts/Crafts/ToolsThe Inuit use dogsleds for transportation instead of cars. They also use spears, harpoons, ivory harpoon heads, bows, arrows, stone knife, sharpened bone knife, and a horn handle which are made out of bone, tusks, teeth, antlers, and horns for hunting animals.

ClothingThe clothing used by Inuit was made up of animal hides, fur, quils, feathers, and trees because their clothes need to be warm. Each tribe had a different design on their clothes to recognize each other.

LocationThe Inuit lived in the Artic and Alaska. In the Artic/Alaska it is very cold but life still lives in the freezing habitat. The temperature is 54 degrees to -20 degrees.

FoodThe Inuit ate musk ox, reindeer, ringed seal, harp seal, walrus, caribou, artic fox, artic bird, polar bears, narwhal, beluga whale and fish. They mainly eat fish, fat, and meat.

HousesThere were two types of houses that the Inuit lived in, an igloo (a winter house) and a tent ( a summer house). The igloo kept heat so they used it for the winter. The tent doesn't keep heat so they used it for summer.

Bibliography Websitehttp://projects.cbe.ab.ca/ict/2learn/jwfech/linksfirstnations/clarke/inuithomes.htm

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