The Inuit Due:Nov.17

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The Inuit Due:Nov.17

Languages:Eastern Branch ( Inuktitut):Their language has 3 different names.Inuktitut ( Canada )Inupiaq ( Alaska )Kalaallisut (Greenland )

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This is an Inuit Drum.It is used for Inuit ceremonies.It makes a really cool sound.

This is an Inuit CeremonyIt it about people who get together to express their inner feelings.

The people in the video are speaking their Inuktitut language. They are also building an igloo.

Hunting: The Inuit hunted many Beluga Whales, Arctic foxes, Walruses, Narwhals, Caribou, Polar Bears, Snowshoe Hares, Arctic Birds, and Seals

This is an Arctic Fox. Many Inuits hunted Arctic foxes.If you look at them they are super cute!!!

This is an Inuit Drummer. This drum is made out of Caribou skin.

This is a Beluga whale.This is one of the animals that the Inuit hunted.

The Arctic




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