The Interesting Inca

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The Interesting Inca

The Interesting Inca

This photo was taken by NeilsPhotography on flickr

The Inca used terrace farming.

This photo was taken by YoTuT on flickr

This is the Inca road system. Only Incan leaders were aloud to use these roads.

Watch this video to see Machu Pichu, which is an Inca city. This video was made by Nature Gallery on Youtube.

This audio was made by Inca Gold on SoundCloud.

The Inca had very fine architecture that was very strong. Some people have tried to rebuild the stone work, but no one can. The stones would fit together so perfectly that not even a knife could fit between two stones. This photo was taken by John Atherton on flickr.

The Inca people would worship their gods in their free time. They would farm. There were runners who would spread news from one city to another.

The Inca have many interesting things that happened to them. Click here to see some of them.

The Inca empire was mainly in Peru, but their empire was in different places around South America. The Inca empire was very large, stretching along the west coast of South America. Douglas on flickr.

The Inca would use an item like the one below called a quipu. Quipus were a collection of threaded knots used to communicate. The Inca had no written language so this is what they used to share news. This photo was taken by lynn Dombrowski on flickr.

The Inca's capital city was Cuzco. It was tucked high in the Andes Mountains of South America. A new palace was built every time a new emperor came to power. It was very beautiful. The streets were even paved! This photo was taken by Minamie's Photo on flickr.

Francisco Pizarro was a spanish soldier that conquered the Inca. Pizarro killed the Inca leader in front of the Inca people. That leader was Atahualpa.

The Inca worshipped many gods. They thought that every mountain peak was either the home of a god or an actual god. They prayed to their gods every day.

If you want to learn more about the Inca click here.

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