The Influences of Jane Addams

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The Influences of Jane Addams

The Educational Influences of Jane Addams




Anna Haldeman, Jane's stepmother, was well educated and instilled the importance of female education in Jane during her youth.

Ellen Starr was a close friend and business partner of Janes who had a part in helping found the Hull House.

Colleagues at Rockford Seminary encouraged and inspired Jane to achieve her socialogical ambitions.

Jane expanded her mind and ideals through education from Rockford Seminary for Women.

Founded the Hull House in Chicago to provide a refuge and neighboorhood services for underprivilaged or uneducated children and adults.

Jane's visit to Toynbee Hall in London inspired her to found the Hull House in Chicago.

The values of the Quaker religion instilled in Jane that actions have moral consequences. It was also an important part of her education.

Jane had to learn how to relate to the underprivelaged since she was considered well off.

Jane claimed her father was instrumental in allowing her to form her own ideas about ethical living and moral consistency.

Jane was successful due to her willingness to mediate and accept other points of view.


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