The Influenced of Sugar in our Lives

by MissMacELA
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The Influenced of Sugar in our Lives

The influenced of Suagr in our Lives Today

Louisiana sugarcane is the most successful crop in Louisiana history, but not the only state's leading row crop. Misinformation about sugar has appeared in the U.S. Sugarcane production and processing is a major part of Louisiana's economy and a treasured way of life for hundereds of farming in our state. Louisiana sugarcane grows best in a tropical climate. Researchers have developed sugarcane varieties that grow quickly.

This video is about how Louisiana sugarcane is made. First you need to chop the rows into three row tiller. Then you open thr rows. Next they drop the seeds into the rows. Then cane planters drop the cane. Then they empty the truck and find more cane. Finnally they let the cane grow and cut it.


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