The Influence of the Roman Military

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The Influence of the Roman Military

The extent of the Roman military’s influence on other cultures is strongly evident in the architecture of many European countries and shows how powerful the Roman military was compared to all other civilizations around.

From 300 B.C to 284 A.D, The Roman Military has maintained a high level of discipline and strength, and has struck fear into the minds of all civilizations around

The Influence of the Roman Military by Ashish John

Important Vocabulary:Arch-A curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening. Amphitheater-a round or oval building, typically unroofed, with a central space for the presentation of dramatic or sporting events. Triumphal Arch-a monumental structure in the shape of an archway with one or more arched passageways, often designed to span a road.Trajan-Trajan or Marcus Ulpius Traianus, was Roman Emperor from 98 to 117 A.DWashington Monument-an obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate George Washington, once commander-in-chief of the early Continental Army

Roman Military influence on other culturesRoman culture is vast and has many different aspects to it. Two of the most prominent is its military and its architecture, which are more closley related than you would think. The Roman military was very disciplined and organized, these are two of the main reasons why the army was so powerful compared to the unorganized, untrained barbarians surrounding them. Rome and the Roman military are so famous because they managed to fight and conquer so much land. The even more interesting part is how they effected the cultures that they defeated. Many european cities still have amphitheaters that were built to reenact famous Roman victories. This shows how wide spread the knowledge of Rome's power is, and how their victories are glorified.

Triumphal ArchesOne of the main ways the Roman military expressed its power in provinces it has captured is by building Triumphal Arches. Triumphal Arches are Architectural feats that display military victories on different parts of the Arch. Many emperors have Triumphal Arches dedicated to them and their victories in battle. The picture below is a picture of the Arch of Constantine, a Roman emperor. Triumphal Arches are found in many places, from Algeria, to England, to Greece, to Turkey. That is naming only a few places where these are found

Legacy to Modern AmericaWith all this evidence, it is easy to see that Rome has left such a large legacy behind. Rome has influenced many aspects of American architecture and how we show our power.One example of Romes influence on our culture is the Washington Monument and the coloumn of Trajan. The column of Trajan was built over the grave of this Roman emperor, and was marked with his great victories in battle. The Washington Monument was built to commemorate George Washington in his victories as well. If you look at the column and then the Washington Monument,the designs looks similar. Another example of Romes legacy to America is the Triumphal Arch in Washington Square Park. With this evidence, it is safe to say that Rome's legacy to Modern America is Architectural concepts, and the idea of expressing a nation's power through pride in the Military.

This is a Triumphal arch built in the Washington Square Park in New York city. This is a prime example of Rome's legacy to modern America

This is a Roman amphitheater found in Yorkshire, England.This further shows how vast Rome's field of influence was.

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