[2015] Kaya Earl: The Influence of people in our lives

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[2015] Kaya Earl: The Influence of people in our lives

Everybody uses social media in one point of their life or another. You can never avoid social media, but you can decide how it influences you. A way to get influenced in a good way is to go on websites and watch videos that are kid friendly. Another way to make sure a social media site is okay to go on, is having your parents read over, or watch it first. When you use social media in that kind of way you get influenced to do the same thing. People also get influenced in a bad way when using social media. An example of this is when you decide to go on a website that has swearing or inappropriate articles / pictures on it. This makes you think it is okay to do the same things that the websites and videos do or show. Social media will always be in our lives, but it is our choice how to use it.

You may not even realize, but even strangers influence us. An example of this is when people on the street look at us in some way. If they look at us in a good way, we will think that they like something about us. This makes us feel good and we are kind to others because we want them to feel the same way. If strangers give us a bad look, we feel bad about ourselves and we are rude to other people because we are upset. Even if we don't intend to, strangers affect the way we talk, dress and our attitude to everything we do. You are a stranger to somebody else, so always be kind to others.


The Influences of People in Our Lives

Social Media

Our family is always telling us what to, and not to, do. In order for them to expect us to follow the rules that they set in place, they need to set a good example. For instance, if our family members say don't talk in the library but then they decide to talk, it will make us think it is okay to do that same thing. Our family members can also influence us in a good way. For instance, if our family members are reading quietly in the library, it makes us want to do the same thing. We want to do the same thing because that is what we think is right. Always set a good example, even if no one's looking because you are an influence to your family members.



Our friends are always influencing us. Most of the time it is in a good way, however, sometimes our friends can influence us to do things that we will later regret. An example of this is if our friends are all doing drugs they may convince us to do the same because it is considered "cool". If you do decide to do this, some of the consequences are memory loss, permanent damage to the blood vessels in the heart and brain, and in extreme cases, death. Nonetheless, our friends will often guide us toward good choices. For instance, if you are drunk and about to drive home, your good, sober friend will drive you instead. As Aubrey Drake Graham quoted "The biggest mistake, you will ever make is letting someone stay in your life for longer than they deserve to."

Be a Good Influence For Children!



Created By: Kaya Earl & Lauren Viesner


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