The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution

Hello my name Mr Alexander Marchant, I come from a little village in Norwich originally, I grew up in a family of 6 kids


Most of the owners want to make as much money as possible. They pay the factory workers very little per week around 1 pound for a man and some of them get only 50p. Women and children are paid much less around 25 p per week for women and just one or two p for children. But I get paid by commission around 3 pounds a week as per the amount of work i make workers do for the factory.


The country its self has grown so much and has a better way of living now, instead of the cottage industry there are now factories. People have good jobs and better ways of living.


books:~How they lived, A Victorian Factory Worker by Stewart Ross, Wayland publishers (1985)~Industrial britain, The workshop of the world by Christine Counsell and Chris Steer, published by the University of Cambridge~Factory Reform by Jhon Patrick, published by Mac Millan Education~Oxford, big ideas History 9 by various authors, publised by oxford University Press departmentWeb: Sharon Fenton, David Fuller, Nigel Hughes and Keith Woodall Various ' Not stated Huddersfield Local Studies Library

The Industrial Revolution



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