The Industrial Revolution

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World History

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The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution1760-1820

World History

ReferencesIndustrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution brought about many changes in society. First of all, it allowed for more manufactured goods and textiles to be produced. Secondly, the growth of the textile, steel and iron industry lead to urbanization of larger cities such as Birmingham, AL. Thirdly, it bourght about better working conditions for employees. Fianlly, it brought about changes in the Banking systems and an improved standard of living.

The Industrial Revolution started in Britain and made its way across the Atlantic during the 1700s and 1800s.It was a time of transition from manual labor to mechanized labor. During this period, many tools come into existence such as the cotton gin and steam engine locomotive.The economy became more industrial based as opposed to agrarian, or farm based, as it had been previously.


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