[2015] thomas imogen (2015): The Indus River

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[2015] thomas imogen (2015): The Indus River

There are many diffrences between the Indus River and the Murry River.The Indus River has a length 3,200km, whereas the Murry River is mesured as 2,520km. The Murry River is used a lot by locals and tourists, for boating, fishing and swimming/water activities. The Indus River is really only used by farmers for crops and trade. The Murray River is located in South Australia, and flows through the towns of Mannum and Renmark, whereas the Indus River's location is in Asia, and flows the the countries of Pakistan and India. The Source of the Indus River is in the Himalayan Mountains.

The Indus River

The Indus River is home to many fauna species, such as the Indus River dolphin, the clown knife fish, and the giant devil cat fish. The Indus Rver dolphin, (also known as the Plantanista) is a subspecies fresh water dolphin, and is the second most endangered species of feshwater river dolphin. The near threatened clown knife fish is the last three of these species, and is measured to grow up to 150cm. Another species of endangered fresh water fauna, is the giant delvile catfish. (Bagarius yarrelli) This species is a very large species, and can grow up to 2 metres (6.6ft) in length.

-The Indus River has a length of 3,200km-The riveris home to many fauna species-There are many flora species around the Indus River basin-The river is faced by many issues such as pollution, and water issues


Some of the threatened flora species around the river consists of the Podphyllum Hexandrum (Bankari) and is endangered because of the fact that 30-40 tones of the plant is picked each year for medicine use. . They are found at temperate Himalayas. The Commiphora Wightii, also known as the Guggul is also a threated plant because of the fact that 25-50 are picked each year for medicine use again. These plants are found in desserts.

There are currently many issues being faced by the Indus River. Some of the main issues faced by the Indus River are water quality issues in the Indus basin have been controlled by sediment loading, and have been disrupting food plains and valleys. Another major issue is pollution around the Indus basin/river killing fauna species and disrupting the water.

Fast Facts

Issues Faced

Comparison to the Murray River


The Indus River is used frequently by many people.One of the most main human uses of the Indus River is farming and trade. Many farmers use the river for their crops, so they are able to send food to different cities around the area. The Indus River is also commonly used by people for the purpose of fishing. There is a variety of freshwater fauna that humans fish for. Occansionally people use the river for boating.

Human Uses


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