The Inca Civilization

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The Inca Civilization

One of the greatest states of pre-Columbian America was The Inca Empire - Tiahuanaco, which means "The Four Regions". It was divided into 4 provinces: Cuntinsuyu, Collasuyu, Antisuyu and Chinchasuyu. The Inca empire was stretched from Colombia to central Chile, included the territory of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and north-west Argentina. The founder of The Impire was Manco Capac (1150).

1. Manco Capac 2. Hsinchu Rock 3. Joke Yupanqui4. Mayta Capac  5. Capac Yupanqui6. Inca Roca  7. Yauar Uakak8. Inca Vilakocha   9. Inca Pachakati Yupankui  10. Topa Inca Yupankui  11. Huayna Capac

The Power

The Inca empire was a theocracy. The emperor was not only the supreme ruler and priest, but also a demigod for the ordinary people . The emperor had absolute unlimited power in this totalitarian state.


The Inca Empire


Ancient Incas were more diplomatic than warlike

The emperors

The official language of the empire was Quechua .Quechua spread throughout the empire, and it is still spoken by the majority of the Peruvian Indians

The God Viracocha was ruler of all things. The sun god Inti veneration,who became a symbol of the Inca culture, was formal in nature. Inca religion included the cults of gods personified natural realities. In addition, people worshiped to sacred objects, what could be a river, lake, mountain, temple, collected stones from the fields.The Inca believed in reincarnation


There is some debate about the number of people inhabiting Tawantinsuyu at its peak, with estimates ranging from as few as 4 million people, to more than 37 million. The reason for these various estimates is that in spite of the fact that the Inca kept excellent census records and almost all of them had been destroyed by the Spaniards in the course of their conquest.


The Inca Empire (Machu Picchu Road to the Sky)

Architecture was by far the most important of the Inca arts. The main example is the capital city of Cusco. The site of Machu Picchu was constructed by Inca engineers. The stone temples constructed by the Inca used a mortarless construction that fit together so well that a knife could not be fitted through the stonework.

Arts and technology


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