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The Importance of ...

Parent involvement is the number one predictor of early literacy success and future academic achievement (edutopia). However, according to a 2007 report by National Endowment for the Arts, there are more literate people in the United States who don't read than those who are actually illiterate (edutopia).Reference Buczynski, S. & Hansen, C. B. (2014). The Change Leader in Education: Roles and Strategies in the Differentiated Environment. Retrieved from

Who is your student's First Teacher

According to Buczynski & Hansen, (2014, p. 2.1), “Transactional leaders use a contractual relationship between themselves and those in the group.” It is important for a relationship to be formed between the teacher, parent, and the student. Therefore, implementing the skills of a transactional leader is essential in my action research. According to Buczynski & Hansen, (2014, p.2.1), “states that the contract clarifies roles and responsibilities and presents consequences for not meeting goals. Although not autocratic, the style does rely on the reward structure for compliance. However, the reward connected to the outcome is a greater success in school readiness for their children.

Transactional Leaders

Situational Leaders

According to Buczynski & Hansen, (2014, p. 2.1), “Situational leaders respond to the organization's perceived readiness. They are directive as well as supportive, and their style changes as the organization changes.” to conduct one’s self as a person that holds the leadership abilities as a Situational leaders may care a bit much on how everyone’s temperaments are, nevertheless they are passionate and serious about getting the job done. throughout this action research, one must take in consideration the families dynamic, as well as creating strategies that are workable for the parents in order to be able to receive effective assistance from the parents in hopes to help the students.

With Early Childhood Literacy

The Importance Of

Parenal Involvment

Innovative Leaders

According to Buczynski & Hansen, (2014, p. 2.1), “An innovative leader brings new ideas and ways of reaching goals to an organization. Leaders with this style have a tendency to trust others to lead and do their jobs. However, constant risk taking and change may wear down the organization and its people.” I believe that Parents are the primary influence to the students, Parents are a child’s best teacher. Therefore throughout my action research you will see that I place trust in my parent to begin to incorporate the strategies that will help with the intensification of literacy skills in their child life. our parents shows us that they trust us with the minds and lives of their children we should trust that they are capable to do what ever is needed to help us, help their children reach their goals.

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