The Importance of Water

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The Importance of Water

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Domestic water is used for indoor and outdoor purposes, all the things you do at home: drinking, preparing food, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, etc. The water often infiltrates into the soil and is stored in its pores. When all the pores are filled with water, the soil is said to be saturated and no more water can be absorbed. Drainage can be either natural or artificial. Natural drainage, however, is often inadequate and artificial or man-made drainage is required.

The theme of this poster is to explain the importance of water, the uses we can get from it, the major pollutants, water in dams as well as advices for a better caring of water.




Everyone needs to drink water. The water you drink depends on how much physical activity you do, or (between other factors) the weather of the place where you live.The water you drink is a combination of surface water and groundwater. Surface water includes rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Groundwater comes from underground. The quality of the water depends on the condition of the source water and the treatment it receives. Treatment may include adding fluoride to prevent cavities and chlorine to kill germs.

Domestic Uses


Household Products

Household pollutants are contaminants that are released during the use of various products in daily life. Many household products like detergents, furniture polish, disinfectants, deodorizers, paints, stain removers, and even cosmetics release chemicals that may be harmful to human health as well as cause environmental concerns.


The conclusion is that the water is very important for everyone, we cannot live without it, so we need to be very careful with the water because one day, maybe, our futures generations will not have it because of us. We need to take care of it too because many people in the world don’t have access to it, because they cannot afford it or simply, in any part of their region water can be found. There is a lot contamination in the water because of us.

Urban Pollutants: Water tends to pick up gasoline, motor oil, heavy metals, etc. Roads and parking lots are major sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are created as combustion byproducts of gasoline.

Atmospheric Pollutants: (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and CI−) whose sources are natural.

Pollutants in rivers and streams:-Dirt -Bacteria -Nutrients-Farmers


The main source that supplies water in this area is the Servicio Of Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey this service is the main supplier of water in the metropolitan area, this service get its water from 3 different dams which are Cerro Prieto, El Cuchillo y Rodrigo Gómez,

Water in Dams: Water treatments for domestic use-Boiling water-Mechanical water purifier: -Distillation of water

You can save 15 gallons of water during a 10-minute shower.Washing a car uses about 150 gallons of water, so by washing less frequently you can cut back your water use.Recycling a pound of paper, less than the weight of your average newspaper, saves about 3.5 gallons of water. A cross-country airplane trip (about 6,000 miles) could be worth more than 1,700 standard toilet flushes.It takes about 70 gallons of water to fill a bathtub, so showers are generally the more water-efficient way to bathe.


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