The importance of voting Cassandra Csaszar

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The importance of voting Cassandra Csaszar

Requirements to vote be a U.S citizenAtleast 18 years of age on election daymust register (usually at city hall)

What is voting? is a process by which a person or a group of people expresses an opinion formally or officially.

What happens on voting day to a polling placeUsually a public building such as a school or a firehousePresent yourself with the proper identification The poll workers will provide you with the materials you need to cast your vote.

I think that the age of 21 would be a better age for legal voting. 21 isnt the age where your just becoming an "adult" in the laws eyes. 21 is where your more educated and have a little bit more experience in the real world and how things work. When your 18 your just getting out of highschool and the most important thing in your life at that point is picking a college and finding yourself a career that you are passionate about and something you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

I think that voting not being mandatory is a good thing. If voting was mandatory we would probably have people who don't really care whats going on in todays society just voting for anything at random. This would cause a dramatic change in the way things work. I believe that voting not being madatory is the way things should remain,

Cassandra Csaszar

I think that voting is really important. Voting isn't something that just came about. People had to work hard to put this into place. I think that voting is really important because it lets us average people have a say in whats happening in todays society. Without voting laws would just be put into effect and presidents would just be picked and we would have no say in it whether we liked it or not.

The importance of voting isn't just about picking your president. Its your way of having a say in what goes on in your state, country and government.It could be about the drinking age, what age you can get your license, what subjects to keep in school and what ones to get rid of, taxes and the legal working age. These are all things that affect YOU!



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