The Importance of Tamora Pierce

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The Importance of Tamora Pierce

Tamora PierceShe was born in Pennsylvania and has written many books about young FEMALE heroines. This is important because women do not have many role models, especially when it comes to midevil style liturature. Her writing was even more revolutionary because while her audience was young adults, she includes more violence and sex than most are comfortable with. She has said this is because it mirrors what life was actually like. Not many authors stay so true to the time period.

Tamora Pierce

She creates whole Worlds

She helped created knich in the writing world for female warriors. She empowers young women, in all forms. Her charaters a fully developed and well rounded characters, even the women. However, she does not down play the men. They are just as strong and just as important.

The Song of the Lioness series was the first she ever wrote.

The impact she has is seen in the readers she has inspired.

A True Tribute


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