The importance of physical activity and dieting

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The importance of physical activity and dieting

The Importance of Physical Activity and DietingIan Fay

How does exercise impact weight loss?

Exercise Pyramid

Dr. Bob Ross states that you cannot have weight loss with a healthy diet with no physical activity or with physical activity and an unhealthy diet. It is very important that the two go hand in hand. The benefits of physical activity is that it reduces total fat, abdominal fat, and viceral fat. Our bodies gain skeletal muscle mass, decrease in insulin resistance, and improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness.

Dr. Bob Ross


In the world of nutrition, food and eating habits are not the only factors. Physical activity plays just as important of a role in nutrition. You cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle or set weight goals without the use of a healthy diet as well as being physically active. link to watch Dr. Bob Ross. Video not working

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