The Importance of News

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The Importance of News

The Importance of News

1984 George OrwellIn 1984, Julia and Winston set out to make Oceania a better place. The government was in control of everything. It's citizens, news production, and law and order. Today our government is in control of the law but that is it so far. But as far as we are headed, the government will soon be in control of the news, and it is our jobs as citizens to prevent that. If the government gets in control of the news, there is no real news anymore.

Cannibalism in the Cars Mark TwainIn Cannibalism in the Cars, Twain explains how the people get trapped in the train and they result to a democratic system of eating people. They have no form of communication and no one knows what is going on in the outside world. News is our only way to know what is going on in our world, we need to keep it current.

A Modest Proposal Jonathan SwiftIn A Modest Proposal, Swift explains how the government is ignorant to the citizens and so they result to eating babies because if the government is allowed to eat all they want, they ignore the poor and take everything for themselves. Today we can still protest the government through news, but it is our only way to protest peacefully.

Looking for Alaska John GreenIn Looking for Alaska, Green uses the school as an escape from the real world. The kids do not know what is going on, but they are better off that way, however, they do not know what is going on outside of the school and that ends badly because they are unable to know what is happening to the students when they are not at school.

In the future I want to be able write and report about important things in this world. News and news reporting is a dying thing in this society simply because people do not care about anything that goes on as long as it doesn't effect them or anything going on around them. They do not care if there is people dying across the ocean, unless it takes time out of their day. We need to reintroduce news and the importance of it in this world.

My Goal for the Future

Glog by: Zach Rawls

When I am older I want to contribute to technology in a positive way. I believe that journalism and news reporting is slowy disappearing and that makes me angry because all that we have to know what is going on in the world comes in the form of reporting. So I hope that one day I can be a Sports Journalist and be able to contribute to the dying form of news reporting in our society. We have all of these new forms of news, and we don't use them.


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