The Immune System

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Human Anatomy

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The Immune System

Major FunctionsThe major function of the Immune System is to project the human body from outside pathogens that have potential to harm the body. It also is part of the regular healing process.Other SystemsThe Immune System works with the Circulatory system as well as the Digestive. The Circulatory styems works as a pathway to move blood cells around the body. The Immune system uses parts of the Digestive to decipher bad substances.

Once the white blood cells and T-Cells destroy the pathogens, the dead cells and pathogens are removed through urine.

The body uses hair, skin and cilia in the nose to keep out pathogens. They are used as a blockade to keep out the weaker diseases.

If pathogens get through to the body it then send out antibodies to mark the pathogens. The T-Cells then attack them.

Line of Defense 1

Line of Defense 3

Functions Thymus- Changes Lymphocytes into T-cellsWhite Blood Cells- They find and desrtoy pathogens and infected or damaged cellsAntibodies- They attach themselves to pathogens to mark the things white blood cells need to attackEpidermis- It's the skins outer area, it's used to protect the bodyCilia- It is used to push things into the mucusMucus- It catches things like dust to keep them out of the body

The Immune System

Line of Defense 2


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