The Immune System

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Human Anatomy

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The Immune System

What is the Immune System?

-defends and protects the body from disease -attacks the pathogens-maintains homeostasis by: *signaling brain of what is wrong with your body*maintaining the level of nutrients in your body-can interact with any body system since disease can affect anywhere in the body

Pathogen: a disease causing organism

Nonspecific Resistance

Specific Resistance

The Immune System

By Megan Fitzpatrick

Physical and Chemical Barriers

Immune Response: Three Lines of Defense

Physical:Skin, Hair, MucusChemical:Saliva, Gastric Juices, Lysozyme

Destroys Pathogens in a general way: doesn't target specific organisms

Recongizes foreign antigens and destroys them

Antigen: a molecule that stimulates immune response-located on the surface of pathogens

For more on the immune response, click here!

Thymus Gland: converts lymphocytes into T-cells

Lymphocytes: a type of White Blood Cell developed in the bone marrow

T-cells:cells that destroy antigens

White Blood Cell: found in the blood stream; identifies, removes, and destroys damaging matter

Antibodies: substances that attach to a specific type of antigen and destroy it

Cilia: hair-like structures that line the respiratory tract; sweep away foreign substances that are inhaled

Epidermis: (skin) first line of defense in the immune response; eliminates harmful molecules

Mucus and Saliva: contain enzyme called lysozyme that destroys damaging microorganisms

Antibiotics and Vaccines:-Antibiotics are types of medications that slow down or stop the growth of harmful bacteria-Vaccines are medications that promote the immune system


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