The Iliad

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The Iliad

Angered at Hector Achilles set out for revenge. He killed anyone in his way just to get to Hector. When he found Hector he chased him three times around the city of Troy. Athena desguised herself as Deiphobus & told Hector he could take on Achilles & if he killed him his name would live on forever for killing the great warrior Achilles.

Reason:Achille's had ask his mom Thetis the goddess of water to ask Zues if the Greeks could lose that battle so Agamemnom could appreciate him. Not knowing the consequence of his decesion his best friend got killed.

Questions:Why was Achilles both sad and angry at the beginning of the section?What was the pact?Who is priam? And why did he go to Achilles?Describe the fight scene?What was the change of heart Achilles had?

The Iliad Outline

Answer:Achilles was both sad & angry because his best friend Patroclus was killed by Hector.

Fight Scene

Reason:Achilles was mad that Agamemnom didnt appreciate him. Mad at himself for sitting out of that battle. Mad & sad at Patroclus because he thought it would be a good idea for him to put on Achille's armor & pretend he was him.

The Pact...Hector tried making a pact with Achilles. He told Achilles that if he were to die in the battle that he would give his body backto his people & that he could keep his armor. Achilles told Hector there would be no pact between them.

Priam is the King of Troy father of Hector & Paris. Priam was able to walk into Achilles' camp ground without killed because Hermes helped him get in. He put the guards to sleep while Priam was walking to Achilles

Achilles had a change of heart when Priam asked for Hector's body back. Achilles cried with Priam. He had Hector's body washed & annionted. Put out so his soldiers could pay respects & finally he gave his body back to his father Priam

Patroclus Dying



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