The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games

Main CharactersPortia-Peeta’s stylist.Peeta Mellark- katniss partner at the hunger games.Katniss- main character also district twelve tribute.Cinna- katniss stylist.Prim- Katniss sister.Mom- Katniss mother.The baker- Peeta’s dad.The bakers wife- Peeta’s mom.Effie Trinket- district 12 tributes escort.Gale- Katniss best friend and hunting partner.Haymitch- district 12 mentor.

Main conflict: katniss have to fight for death and food.








Plot:Exposition: in the nation of panem 12 districts are choosing randomnly one boy and one girl from each district. A boy from district 12 is called out peeta mellark, after peeta is named katnisse’s 12 years old sister is named prim rose Everdeen, Katniss volunteers for her and prim stays at home.Rising action: after all the reaping thing Katniss and peetahave to go to the hunger games where they live like millionaries before the games start up, before they start up the hunger games they have to do lots of things like their entry on their capes on fire that were designed by Cinna and Portia, also the three training days, in which they are trained how to survive, immediately after the 3 days at the end of the day they have to go to show what they’ve learned to the game makers which give them score at the end of the day, when Katniss went out to the game makers she shot a bow at them because they were not paying attention although the bow hit an apple they were still confused of why she did that, and then it comes the final score is graded from 1 to 12, Katniss got 11 and peeta a 7.After the training it comes the final task, the interview in which cinna and portia design the best outfits for their tributes, in that interview people want to get as many sponsors as they can, peeta reveals his love to Katniss in that interview but Katniss thinks that’s a method he is using to get more sponsors.The games strat up, and in the first day 11 tributes died.Climax: the rules of they have changed, “two tributes from the same district can win the games, immediately Katniss goes and looks for peeta.Falling action: both Katniss and peeta are injured, they receive a medicine which heals them in just a night although the rules change and now they have to kill each other to win.Resolution: the only tributes left are katniss and peeta and they are going two suicide by eating poisonous plants, finally they both win the hunger games and can go home.



The HungerGamesBy: Mauricio Shoda 5B


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