The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games

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The Reaping.......Every year, within the 12 districts of Panem, there are the Hunger Games. These "games" are basically 24 people, half boys, and half girls, all fighting to the death to win for their District. The Reaping is the most dreaded days of the year; the day two names get drawn. Out of thousands of names, Prim's was chosen. Prim's name was in there a measly one time. Katniss's was in there 20 time! But Prim was chosen. Katniss could not stand to think that her 12 year old sister could have a sliver of a chance in surviving in such games. So she volunteered, something people hardly ever do. Katniss was now a tribute.

Peeta Mellark and Katniss, both 16, attended the same school, walked the same streets, and lived in the same district. Yet despite this, the never interacted. They never said hello, or even made a friendly smile. When Peeta was chosen as fellow tribute, all Katniss could do was think about how exactly she would be slitting this innocent bakers-son's throat in the arena. But little did she know, all Peeta could think of was how much he had always liked her from afar.

Peeta Mellark

The Hunger Games

The Reaping

Katniss Everdeen and her family live in district 12, the Coal-mining District. After her father died in an accident while in the mines, her mother soon became unable to care for her sister, Prim, and her. This meant Katniss had to learn to hunt and care for her mother and sister. Katniss soon realized her mother would never be able to fully care for her and Prim again.

The title of, "The Hunger Games" certainly doesn't sound like some sort of enjoyable three week vacationing where people are seleted to live a life of hapiness and peace! For most, the result of The Games, is death. As district 12's "star-crossed-lovers" enter the arena, they look at all of the people they must fight to the death in order to survive. That is, if they don't die from hunger or dehydration first. As Katniss struggles to remain alive, she makes friends, is almost killed by hornets, and sets off an explosive. But after all of this, will she or Peeta be able bring home a win for district 12?


The Games



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