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The Hunger Games

Hunger GamesBy: Suzanne Collins  Glog By: John Prieto

Due to a revolution 74 years prior, the country of Panem holds a yearly Hunger Games, in which each of the 12 districts put forth a young boy and girl to fight to the death. The victor of the Hunger Games will be showered with gifts and money from the capital. Also, they are given the promise that their name will never appear in the lottery again. During the games, the boy and girl from District 12 start liking eachother more and more. The rebellious side of the two begin to grow until they decide together weather or not to deprive the capital of a victor.



One theme of The Hunger Games was Sacrafice. Katniss showed this multiple times, weather it was when she volunteered as tribute for Prim, or when she tried to get what Peeta needed at the Cornicopia. Sacrafice was a common theme throughout the book.


Katniss Everdeen- Main character of the book; hope for the 12 districtsPeeta Mellark- 2nd main character; in Games with KatnissPrim Everdeen- Younger sister of Katniss; originally selected for Hunger GamesGale Hawthorne- Best friend of KatnissCinna- Designer for KatnissHaymitch Abernatchy- Former winner; trainer of Katniss and PeetaPresident Snow- President of Panem

Panem (Future North America) is the country in which the story takes place.

I recomemnd this book, because anyone can read it. It doesn't matter if your a boy, girl, chid or adult, everyone will be lost in the world that Suzanne Collins creates for us. I love all of the action that takes place in this novel. I suggest that you read it.



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