The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games By: Jean C.

Katniss Everdeen and Petta have been chosen as district 12's tributes at the reaping for the 74th annual Hunger Games. They board a train that heads toward the Capitol for their makeover and where there will be represented to their sponsors in chariots. After being represented, they will train how to kill one and other in the Hunger Games. Now the tributes are at cornucopia in the Huger Games. Once the timer ended and the Hunger Games started, Katniss tries to avoid the blood bath happening at cornucopia and gets a backpack full of supplies and heads into the woods. Many tributes have fallen at cornucopia trying to get the supplies. Katniss gets a rope in her backpack and wraps herself onto a tree were she will spend the night. Katniss wakes up and walks 2 kilometers away from the nearest tribute. Then, she is force to turn around when the people controlling the Hunger Games make the trees light on fire and fire balls shoot at her. She escapes wounded. When she makes it out she encounters an alliance of tributes working together including Petta. They spot her and chase after her. She climbed up a tree to escape them, but they stay there hopping that she eventually come down. She finds out that there is a high jackets hive close to her and dicides to cut down the branch it is on. It falls down on the tributes surrounding her. She flees, but she has been bitten and falls into a hallucination then sleeps for many days. When she wakes she decides to blow up the alliances supplies at cornucopia . Then a announcement says that she their can be 2 winners but, they have to be from the same district. Katniss goes out and finds Petta and they form an alliance. Together they take out the remaining tributes and win the Hunger Games.



Every year the Capitol hosts and annual event called the Hunger Games. Each district have to select a boy and a girl tribute at the reaping to participate in the Hunger Games. The tributes have to fight to the death and survive in the wilderness until the last person standing wins the Hunger Games and are showered in riches and get to go home.

Main Characters

KatnissEverdeen Kind,   Petta Mallark

In the nation of Panem with a shinning Capitol which is surrounded by 12 districts and the woods surrounding Panem which is where they host the Hunger Games.

I recommend you go read the Hunger Games and the trilogy and may the odds be ever in your favor





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