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The Hunger Games

The Hunger GamesBy: Suzanne CollinsCreated By: Faith Bliss

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Cato: He is well propared for the games, strong, good with a spear, sword, baton, machete, scythe. His is a ruthless killing machine

Haymitch: He was one of the victors of District 12. He has been a drunk for a long time because seeing all of the tributes that he helped out all died except now.

Books that she wrote: Gregor the Overlander series, The Under Chronicles, Year of the Jungle.

Background of Suzanne Collins: she was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1962, daughter of an Air Force Pilot, her family moved several times.

Prim: Katniss's younger sister. She loves animals, also she helps out her mom with taking care of sick or badly wounded people

Rue: She is the youngest tribute in the Hunger Games. She can jump from tree to tree. She gathers roots, berries, nuts,etc. She sings to the mocking birds. Rue gets killed by the boy from Dstrict 1.. Marvel from a spear.

Peeta: He is a baker. He hides from Cato by camoflaging himself, which he learned to do by decorating cakes. He can throw a lot of weight around. He teamed up with the Careers so he could protect Katniss.

PlotAt the reaping Prim was called and Katniss volunteered to take her place. In the Captial at the interview Peeta announces that he loves her. In the games Katniss drops a traker jackers nest on the Carreers one Carreer died and she had the bow. Rue and Katniss are allies and then Rue dies.

Katniss: she learned to hunt from her father in the woods with a bow and arrow. Her best friend is Gale. She learned what plants were poisonous and ok to eat from her father's book of plants. She loves being up high in a tree and is really good at climbing trees.


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