The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games

Panem is the name of the country where Katniss lives with her family, a country that – after a series of vague disasters – rose from the ashes of North America. Droughts, storms, fires, war: it's all pretty post-apocalyptic. We learn the history of Panem, and the Hunger Games, and the thirteen districts in the first chapter from the mayor. District 12 is a very poor coal-mining district located in the region formerly known as Appalachia. Katniss and her family live in the poor section of District 12, the Seam, where the coal-miners live and work. the A lot of the book takes place in the Capitol including the actual Hunger Games. The Capitol is a shining city of wealth and luxury located where the Rockies used to be. The people of the Capitol are shallow, speak in a funnyaccent and value surface appearances, plastic surgery, and entertainment. Being one of the richer districts, they view the Hunger Games as television entertainment.


Author: Suzanne Collins(students must be able to read a book and know conflicts, symbols, main events, and conclusions)

Name: Alex Venglarcik Date: February 24th, 2014

Katniss replaces Prim in the reaping, Madge gives Katniss the mockingjay pin,Cinna creates controversial fashions for Katniss further establishing her identity as a rebel, Peeta "joins" the "Careers", Peeta saves Katniss (though she doesn't know it at that point), Rue's death, Katniss holds the poisonous berries and the gunshot near Peeta thinking Peeta's life was ended, Gamemaker's change the rules for both members of district teams to be declared victors,Katniss risks her life for Peeta to get the medicine to save him.

Main Events

Katniss Everdeen: the protagonist and female tribute of District 12.Peeta Mallark: the boy tribute of District 12 who also becomes Katniss's main ally in the Games.Haymitch Abernathy: Katniss’s and Peeta’s trainer. He is a drunk and one of only two people from District 12 to win the Hunger Games Effie Trinket: the escort of the tributes from District 12. Gale: Katniss’s friend and hunting partner.Katniss's mother Prim Everdeen: Katniss's little sister whom she volunteered as tribute at the Hunger Games for. Cinna: Katniss's main stylist during the tv time before the Games. Rue: the female tribute from District 11. Katniss and Rue become allies during the Game President Snow: the president of Panem Caesar: the television host who interviews Katniss and Peeta before and after the Games.


Title: The Hunger Games



Symbols in the Hunger Games

The main conflict is man vs. man, also known as Katniss against the rest of the 23 tributes. She fights against most of them in the Hunger Games for her life, and that's the main conflict.Also a bit of man vs. self, as in Katniss fighting with who she is willing to kill and whom she doesn't want to kill. Man vs. nature in the way that the environment of the games is especially perilous with many constant battles to find water, food that is not poisonous, and avoiding violent animals that people in the Capitol can unleash at any time.

Katniss Everdeen, against all odds, has won the Hunger Games along with Peeta Mellark. They should now be able to live in safety. But it is more dangerous than ever, most of all for Katniss. The Capitol is furious that she found a loophole to the rules in the arena, and they want revenge. There is only supposed to be one winner in the Hunger Games. Katniss needs to prove that she wasn't responsible for her actions in the arena, otherwise she will definately be punished.

Mockingjay: The mockingjay represents defiance in the novel, with the bird’s symbolism deriving initially from its origins. The mockingjay, we learn, came about as a result of a failed project by the Capitol to spy on the rebellious districts, and since then the bird has served as a reminder of this failure.Panhem: Panem is the country in which The Hunger Games takes place, and it symbolizes a dystopian United States. The word panem is Latin for “bread,” and given the similarity of the Hunger Games to the gladiatorial Games of Ancient Rome, it recalls panem et circenses, or “bread and circuses.” The result is a triple metaphor that uses Panem to draw connections between Ancient Rome and the modern United States, and it suggests that the modern United States has something like its own panem et circenses strategy in place, with reality television taking on the role of the gladiatorial Games.Katniss's dresses: The dresses Cinna designs for Katniss not only give Katniss her epithet, “the girl who was on fire,” but also come to symbolize her spirit. Cinna designs the first dress to reflect the main industry of Katniss’s home district, coal mining, and since coal’s purpose is to burn, Cinna creates a dress that would be lit with synthetic flames. This dress begins the association between Katniss and fire while also giving Katniss her epithet, “the girl who was on fire.”

Katniss volunteeringas tribute

Scene from the movie where the rules change in the Games, which turns Katniss and Peeta into targets of the Capitol.


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