The Humanistic Perspective

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The Humanistic Perspective


The Humanistic Perspective

"The humanistic perspective stresses the human capacity for the fulfillment and the importance of consciousness, self awareness, and the capacity to make choices."

The humanistic perspective lays emphasis on the amount of free will a person has.

Carl Rogers- he focused on the power of free will and self-determination.

The ring finger helps us remember this perspective because it usually is the finger that has your ring if you’re married, and that was most likely your choice to get married.

Humanism emerged in a rebellion against the limitations of behavioralist and psycodynamic psychology. It began in the 1950's, but expanded it's influence through the 70's and 80's.


I believe that this perspective helps us connect more with other people of different cultures because it makes us realize that we usually put our needs first before the thoughts of being accepted.

Abraham Maslow- he built the hierarchy of needs of humans. When a lower level has been met, the more desire someone will have for something on a higher level.


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