The Human Brain

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Human Anatomy

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The Human Brain

-You can still make connections even when you are 100 years old, so get grandma going on the computer, she may not learn as fast as you but she can still do it-The front of the human brain is larger than any animals, even the dinosaurs-The left side of your brain is usually better at problem solving, math and writing-The right side of the brain is creative and helps you to be good at art or music-The brain stores all sorts of things in the memory including facks and figures and all the smells, tastes and things you have seen heard or touched.- The adult brain weighs about 1.5kg


The Human Brain!

-The human brain has around one billion nerve cells-It also has about one billion other cells which cover the nerve cells and the parts of the nerve cells which form links between one cell and a nother, feed them and keep them healthy

-Your brain keeps on growing until you are about 20 years old-By then the brain has made lots of links which it no longer needs so it is able to shed any unwanted connections and still have billions of brain cells left to cope with whatever you want to do

- The human brain is so complex that doctors and scientists still dont know what some parts of it do.- They do know that if it gets damaged, the damage often can not be repaired.- You cant join brain cells together like you can do with bones.- Doctors and scientists know how some of the brain works and can somtimes fix it when things go wrong, but the brain is truly amazing and we dont know all its secrets yet.




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