[2015] Riley George (Sado_5th Grade): The human body

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Human Anatomy

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[2015] Riley George (Sado_5th Grade): The human body

wheezing windbags and bloody busybodies some parts of the wheezing windbags and bloody busy busybodys are the heart, arterys, capillarys, blood, veins, cardiac muscles, and the lungs. these are all part of you staying alive

body buliding blocks some parts of the body buillding blocks are cells , dna, gene, sperm, stem cells, egg, and the osteoblast all of these are a big part of your body buillding blocks.

Food Crew And Trash GangSome parts of the food crew and trash gang are teeth, saliva, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, and stomach. These are a main part of your body.

the human body by riley george

nervouse numskullssome of the things in this system are spinal cord, eye, brain, ear, touch, nose, and tongue these are some of your keene sceences

Super toughsSome parts of the super toghs are skin, skeat glands, hair, and nails.These are all some of the hardest part of the body.

this is your body

diagram of the human body

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