The Hubble Telescope

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The Hubble Telescope


How Does It Work?

Light enters the Hubble through the opening, and bounces off the First/Main mirror to the Second mirror. The second mirror reflects that light through a hole in the center of the first mirror to the focal point, so if you drew the path of the lights path, then it would make a shape of a W.

Who Created It?

N.A.S.A created the Hubble Telescope to take amazing pictures of space.

The Hubble Telescope

Hubble is one of N.A.S.A's most succesful and longest science mission.It Beamed hundreds of thousands of images and discovery of deep space

Why is it important?

Sent on April 24,1990


What is its purpose?

-Nustar-Chandra X-ray observetory-XXM-Newton

The Hubble Telescope takes pictures of deep space.

Camera,Telescope,and a Satelite are similiar forms of technology to the Hubble Telescope.

What are some examples of the discoveries made by using it?

Interesting Facts!!

-It doesnt use as much power as you think, it only uses 2800 watts! Thats only 600 more watts than a kitchen kettle!

-The Hubble Telescope weighs about 11 ton thats 22,000 lbs!

-Its almost as long as a couple of Route Master double decker buses

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