The Huascaran Avalanche

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The Huascaran Avalanche

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Peru 1970

Could the extent of the damage have been prevented? How so?To prevent, patrols can test the snow with special equipment and break up heavy masses of snow; or carry out the process of 'shooting the slopes' in which mortars and cannons are ysed to blow up large slopes, overhanging waves, and unstable slopes.

DeathsCause: the towns of Yungay and Ranrahirca were buried under 300 feet of ice and rock.Approx. 20,000 deaths

The Huascaran AvalancheBy Alma Campiani

What Should Be Done After*Town/city should contact immediate aid*Survivors will be moved temporarily to a safer place*Professionals will: clean out debris, melt heaps of snow, and attempt to save infrastructures*City will probably need major reconstruction

What Should Be Done During*Utilize provisions and visualized escape routes thought out formerly*If caught in a slope: jump out of the slope, move to the side of the avalanche, let go of any heavy equipment*If physically possible, send for help*Don't panick and wait it out

Aid ProvidedThe United Nations brought in: volunteers, doctors & medical aid, food/shelter/orphanages for survivors, funds for relocation of people, monetary aid for reconstruction

Warning SignsThe Five Red Flags of Avalanche Danger1. Recent Avalanche Activity2.Temperature Rise3. Significant Snowfall in Past 24 Hrs.4. Cracking, Blocking or Whoomping of the Snow Pack5. Strong Winds

Monetary Damage: exceeds $20 billion

Environmental Protection From AvalancheNATURAL: forests and treesARTIFICIAL: walls/barriers made out of metal anchored in concrete can be engineered but are expensive


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