The House on Lemon Street Timeline

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The House on Lemon Street Timeline

1948- NAACP who was a supporter of ending government discrimination won a case of housing discrimination.

1882- The Chinese exclusion Act. This was the first law controlling the immigration of a certain ethnic group.

1970's~1980's- Many laws were pased in favor of ending dicrmination against immigrants and to support fair housing.

1917- The supream court ruled that the baring of an ethnic group to live in a certain area was unconstitutional. The response to this was restrictive covenants that asured that the seller would only sell to certain ethnic groups.

Apr. 23, 2010 - Controversial Arizona Bill (SB 1070) Signed into Law State's Authority to Combat Illegal Immigration-This law often debated by esteemed polititions was signed into law. This law allowed officers to immediatley "check anyone who looked like an immagrant". This law therfore instigated further racial profiling to the point in which even national sports teams refused to play in that area.

2001- The simultanious attack of a well known terrorist originization causes suspicion to diffuse throught common American society.

Jan. 2007 - US Department of Homeland Security Estimates 11.8 Million Unauthorized Immigrants in US with 59% from Mexico- This clearly states that other variations of immagrants are residing in the U.S not just mexicans.

Oct. 26, 2006 - Secure Fence Act Authorizes Fencing along the US-Mexican Border- This law mainly allowed a ceartain spending buget to be implemeted to build a fence restraining imigrants from entering the U.S

YICK WO V. HOPKINS CASE:This mainly was a case that outlined equality in the buisness aspects of America.

1918- the Haradas won their court case and earned their house on lemon street.

The House on Lemon Street


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