The House of the Seven Gables

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The House of the Seven Gables

2. Comparision between the inside and outside. Through Pheobe and Holgrave's care, the garden begins to revive (chapter 10). The inside of the house is still depicted as gloomy but the outside reflects the growth that the Pyncheon family is experiencing externally by the arrival of Pheobe and return of Clifford. However, the internal changes, between Pheobe and Holgrave, and Clifford's mental state, do not happen slowly like the garden but rather suddenly by moving away from the baggage of the House. This idea that the house has a cloud of depression sorrounding it is also displayed by the uncharictaristc happiness and clear thinking of Clifford when he and Hepzibah run away to aviod suspicion of muder. He tells her that the outside world, "glistens," and seems like a, "dream..away from the dismal, old house." (chapter 17)

1. Sets the MoodThe house is described as "rusty.., old..," yet also beautiful and stately in its decrepit state, something that is falling apart, yet holds mystery and intrigue. The elm tree in the front also symbolizes the decaying but majestic estate.

3. The house mirrors the transformation of the people within.Pheobe for example, is mentioned as a "blooming flower, fresh and young," in the same way, she tends to the garden and creates a fresh atmosphere outside. By the end of the book the house is, "not as bad as Clifford has imagined," and the transformation is clearly shown when Hepzibah remarks, "The flower of Eden has bloomed, likewise, this old darksom house." Hepzibah also demonstrates change by cleaning up the room to start shop. While this humliates her it can also be considered to humiliate the house which is gven personifacation and considered magnificent and stately. To be demoted from the high aristocratic status, to that of a window shop was hard for both the house and inhabitate. Other characters like Clifford are so deeply affected by the past that they can only change by creating a new future. When the family leaves the old house it symbolizes the new life for both the Pyncheons and whatever may happen to estate.

Today, The House of the Seven Gables, is a museum but the profits go to a settlement fund for immigrating families. It has survived with many of its original period features from the 17th and 18th century! This first period and Georgian architectural “fabric” is today considered significant to American architectural, maritime, and cultural history.(


The importance of architecture and itssymblization is displayed in, "The House of Seven Gables."


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