The House of the Scorpion

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The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion

Published by Scholastic Inc.

By Nancy Farmer

SettingOpium and San Luis.

Matt was first locked in a room for being a clone. Everything changed for him once he met the person he's cloned to, 143 year old El Patron. Matt grew up at Opium where he felt somewhat excepted, even with the secrets and mysteries in Opium, up until he was betrayed by El Patron after Matt figured out that he's an involentary organ doner. Once El Patron died, Matt was helped by his bodygaurd to escape with the beautiful, sensitive Maria to Aztlan City, only Matt had to travel alone. On the way, he hits an obstacle. Keepers find him and take him to a working, good citizen camp. Eventually, Matt and his friends, Chacho and Fidelito escape the camp and finally make it to Aztlan. At last, Matt finds Maria and her mom and is told to rule Opium.



Setting: Where the story takes placeAntagonist: The bad character(s) Protagonist: The good character(s)Plot: The main events Conflict: The struggle/argument between the oposing sidesTheme: The author's lessonForeshadowing: The warning in the storyPoint of view: Who is telling the storyTone: The attitude

ProtagonistMatt, Maria, Chacho, Fidelito,

ForeshadowWhen Matt found out that MacGregor was using his clone for a new liver and kidneys

AntagonistKeepers and El Patron

PlotMatt is locked in Opium, released, released and grows up there, escapes, keepers find him, escapes to Aztlan, heds back to Opium to rule it.

ConflictRosa locks Matt in a room, El Patron betrays Matt, Keepers harass the kids at camp

ThemeAccept people for who they are

Point of viewThird person limited

ToneMysterious because of all the secrets in Opium

Text-to-selfJust like Matt, I have felt trapped before. An example of a time I've felt trapped is when I'm at school sometimes and I have plenty of work to finish.I sometimes feel trapped at school and at home, just like Matt feels in this novel.Text-to-textThe book Wonder by R. J Palacio is similar to this novel because it's about a boy who looked & functioned different than most people he lived by. Kids would always make fun of his face and how it had been deformed. He was new to school and it took him a little bit for him to feel accepted but in the end, he learned that he was as equal as the rest of the people at his school.The genre of is book is different then the books I read.Text-to-worldThis text is similar to kids who were'nt very accepted in school but turn out succesful in the end.There are many kids that struggle in life and are getting in trouble.

Setting: "When they reached San Luis."- pg. 277Antagonist: "Cause the Keepers are gonna work your butt off tomorrow."- pg. 266Protagonist:"Fidelito was skinny and frail in spite of his tough spirit. And he was only eight"- pg. 319Conflict:'He seemed to be deciding what part of Ton-Ton to hit."- pg. 301Point of view: "Matt dreamed of the dead man in the field."- pg. 85Inference: "Tom was there too, his lying oh-so-believable voice stilled forever."- pg. 377


My inference in the Lord of Opum book is that Matt and Maria are going to live together in America and get married since they are able to now that Tom and Maria can't anyomore.

Audri's Inference

I would only recommend this book to those who are interested in reading books. For those who loose focus easily, this book would be confusing. Since i like reading, I thought it was very good overall. The part I found connfusing was when Matt had to read the story about the funeral and how everyone who drank the wine died, including Tam Lin. I didn't know if Matt was reading what happened or he was actually there for the event. In conclusion, the book was well written.

Project by Anthony Nichols and Audri Johnson

I would recommend this book to people who like to read sci-fi books. If you don't like science fiction, you won't like the book as much. It is a little confusing at first, but It will be easier to understand later in the book. This book is good for readers who really enjoy books because it has won three awards and is well written. There are many events that go on in the book. Overall, Ithis book wasn't my type of book but it was enjoyable.

My inference in the Lord of Opium is that Matt will escape to the USA and he will bring Maria with him. They will grow up in America and get married.

Anthony's Inference

Anthony's Recommendation

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