The House of the Scorpion

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The House of the Scorpion

Matteo Alacran, a harvested clone of drug lord El Patron, struggles to interpret the meaning of his dark, twisted, artificial life in Opium. As Matt ages, he begins to understand his unwanted presence in the majority of the dystopian government. Throughout his heavily isolated life, Matt is able to solve the true meaning of his existence; he was created to provide extra organs for the drug lord. With the assistance of numerous alliances, Matt is able to escape the dangerous land and he flees to safety. In the end, Matt returns to Opium as the new, determined leader and begins the repair of the brainwashed country.

Corporate Control El Patron and many other manipulated citizens form the society's controlling government.

Technological Control By scientific means, certain citizens are brainwashed and transformed into dehumanized eejits. These residents are forced to obey any orders given as page 82 explains. .

The House of the Scorpion By Nancy Farmer

Matteo Alacran was aproduced clone created in the image of El Patron, the most famous drug lord. Matt's early life was comletely cut off from the rest of the world. Once he was exposed to the world outside of his house, the innocent boy couldn't understand his existnce. Matt obtained a determine, brave, clever, and thoughtful mind which led him through life. Even through the heavily prejudiced circumstamces, Matt proved the qualities ofbeing a true leader.

The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins&The House of the ScorpionBy Nancy Farmer-Throughout "The Hunger Games" and "The House of the Scorpion", the dystopian government is run by a single, all-powerful ruler (President Snow and El Patron) -Both texts include information of citizens being under constant surveillance and no privacy.-In the stories, citizens are manipulated into following the leader and they blindly obey their commands.

Three Dystopian CharacteristicsRestricton (pg. 172) The brainwashed citizens are given unfair living circumstances and cut off from sanitary shelters. Controlled Emotions (pg. 124-125) At this point in the story, the process of destroying clone brains is explained in order to prevent any distractions.Illusion (pg. 168-169) The creation of the so-called perfect Opium and the government is explained.

Three Dystopian CharacteristicsNo Privacy (pg. 161) Matt discovers the secret room in which the high- security system is found. The surveillance system tracks basically everyone and everywhere. Individualism Discouraged (pg. 96) In this section of the book, it is announced that clone opinions, thoughts, and feelings aren't allowed to matter. Technology (pg. 77-81)The scientific process of creating clones/eejits is exlained to show the strict organization of the government.


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