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The Hound

Tanner ErwinPeriod 6

The HoundBy: Robert Francis

Life the houndEquivocalComes at me boundEither to rend meOr to befriend me. 5 I cannot tellThe hound's intentTill he has sprungAt my bare handWith teeth or tongue. 10Meanwhile I standAnd wait the event.

Robert Francis was born on August 12, 1901 in Upland, Pennsylvania. His life was already planned out for him, and he wanted to be a poet after graduating from Harvard University in 1923. Near 1940-1950, he realized that it was too late for him to change his path in career. Poetry was his most central expertise, so it was the only thing that he could make money from. This relates to the poem because when people prepare for their future life, it can turn out to be whats expected.

This picture relates to my poem because you can prepare on what path to take for the future, but you cannot plan for the events that will occur on the way. I believe that this picture is a good resemblence of that message because it shows a man choosing his path in life, not knowing what surprises might be there.

The average life expectncy of people who were born in the 1920's lived to be around 55 years old. This is significantly smaller to the life expectancy of people who were born in the 21st century. People valued their life much more back then, and tried to plan their life out accordingly. This could be the reason for Robert Francis to write "The Hound." He implies that nobody can live a perfectly planned out life, and there will always be bumps in the road.

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Tick tock...tick tock... life is counting down on your internal clock. Memories which were as if they occurred yesterday, turn to flashes of moments that seem to fade away. People you once knew walk by without a clue. The times you once shared exist as if you were never there. Years fly...friends die... and you never know when you'll say your last goodbye. Oh, how I wish I could turn back time, spend it with loved ones and cherish what was once mine. Or to go back even more, being a kid in a candy store. How I miss the way I used to feel on Christmas day when Santa was real. But back to reality...back to today, family is scarce and memories continue to fade away. Tick tock...tick tock... how I wish I could control this clock.

The Audio:

TimeBy: Joe Massocco

This poem relates to "The Hound" because they both have the central idea of planning for the future in life does not help for what come your way. However, this poem is more ellaborate as in it talks about past memories and to learn off of them.

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