The Hound of the Baskervilles

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The Hound of the Baskervilles

RISING ACTIONMr. Barrymore's suspicious conduct is explained when it is discovered that he has been providing aid to his wife's brother, who is an escaped convict. Stapleton becomes the prime suspect when Holmes learns that he is the master of the menacing hound who has been terrorizing the Baskervilles.

CLIMAXHolmes uncovers the last piece of the puzzle when he learns that Stapleton is an heir to the Baskerville family fortune. Holmes deduces that Stapleton has been planning to murder each remaining Baskerville so he can inherit the family fortune as the sole heir. Holmes lures Stapleton to execute his murder plot, using another Baskerville heir as a lure. Holmes catches Stapleton red handed as he attempts to kill his newest victim. The hound also shows up, but Holmes and Watson kill the beast before it can harm anyone.

RESOLUTIONWhen captured and confronted, Stapleton confesses. He is then arrested and imprisoned.Holmes and Dr. Watson return home to London, England.

FALLING ACTION Stapleton tries to escape but Holmes and Dr. Watson catch him. Holmes concludes that Sir Charles Baskerville died of fright at the sight of the vicious hound when Stapleton stalked the victim through the eerie moor.

EXPOSITIONSherlock Holmes learns that a man named Sir Charles Baskerville has been murdered in the town of Devonshire, England near Grimpen Moor (a swamp). He and his associate, Doctor Watson, go to Devonshire to investigate the murder and find the killer.

CONFLICT Holmes suspects the Baskervilles' servant, Mr. Barrymore, because he has been seen walking the grounds alone at night on several occasions. The Baskervilles' neighbor, Jack Stapleton, also emerges as a suspect because he is the only one who knows a passage through the treacherous moor to the Baskervilles' house. In addition, a massive hound has been roaming about the area and frightening people. Large canine footprints at the scene of the crime may have been made by the mysterious dog.


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