The Hound of the Baskervilles

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The Hound of the Baskervilles

The significant crime

The ChallengerThe challenger to both of these detectives was Beryl Stapleton.

Those Involved

The Outcome

The detective(s) in this story is actually both Watson and Holmes. Watson is used in the beginning to pick up the minor details. however, all the while holmes had lied about his involvement in order to not tip off the real criminal.

The crime in this novel is murder, just like most of Arthur Conan Doyles novels

Yes suspects were introduced early within the story so that the reader could follow along and try to solve the mystery as best as they could.The list of suspects included:-The Barrymores-The escaped convict-Mr. Stapleton and his wife/sister-Laura Lyons-Dr. Mortimer

It sounds so simple, at the end of the story, to say it could only have been him; however, it is the truth. Stapleton killed Sir Charles by setting up a false meeting on the moor to send his hound after him. The dog may not have killed the man, but scared him so badly that he had a heart attack, he was ill to begin with.


It was revealed that Stapleton did this so that he could become the last heir to the Baskervilles' inheritance. His name was secretly, Roger Baskervilles Jr., everyone believed his father to be dead. When he sent his dog after Sir Henry, Holmes foiled his plan and Henry was safe. Stapleton managed to escape to the Grimpen mire, where he was allegedly killed by drowning in the quicksand located there.

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Brian Campanelli

Brian Campanelli

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