[2015] courtney stevens: The Honest Truth

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[2015] courtney stevens: The Honest Truth

Author: Dan Gemeinhart

Title: The Honest Truth

If I had to name one character trait it would be brave, because throughout the book Mark never gave up. He tried so hard. Some reasons I think this is because he is climbing a mountain while he has cancer. Also he is all alone with only his dog. Also he only left his house with his camera, his dog, and his notebook, also a plan. Also on pg.194-195 Mark almost fell in a crevasse!

"Dog's die. But not my dog. Not like that." - Mark pg.209I think this is a meaningful quote, because it shows how much Mark cares about Beau.

poster by: Courtney Stevens


How Mark Changed

Another character trait is persistent, because he tried so hard to climb Mount Rainer and never gave up no matter what happend like when he almost fell in the crevasse on pg.195and when he ran out of money because the gang on the streets stole all is money but left him a few dollar that was on pg.43

Mark changed throughout the book because in the begining he just wanted to die and he did not care but in the end he desided he did not want to die so he tried his hardest to climb up and then climb back down so he could see his family, and Jessie.That is why I think that Mark changed throughout the begining to the end.

I think a big message the author is trying to tell us is, to keep trying and never give up, Because in the story Mark trys VERY hard to climb to the top of mount Rainer and even though he has cancer he still is very persistant. Along the way to mount Rainer he mets a lot of nice people who are trying to help him like the angels, and the waitress,and last but not least Wesley because he is all alone and only has his dog, a camera, a notebook, and in a part of the story some guys steal all his money, and they only leave him a few dollars so he really has nothing to buy him water or food.

YoThe Lesson of the Book


Mark's Grandfathers stop watch


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