[2015] zeke allman: The Honest Truth

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[2015] zeke allman: The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

"This kid's got cancer." -page 60. I chose this line because it is the first real evidence that Mark has cancer. It also is the first explanation of why Mark is running away. That is important because for the first 59 pages you don't know why he is running away and it is your biggest question.

Quote from the book:

Character Trait

I think Mark is stubborn because when the waitress tries to help him during the night in Seattle, on page 25, he refuses and walks away. Also when the teenagers try to take his money he fights and doesn't do what they say. Another reason is when Wesley tries to help, on page 160, by getting him a guide he says no and that he wanted to do it himself.

The Lesson


I think the lesson of the story was follow your dreams, but love your family and life more.

by Dan Gemeinhart