The Homeless Population

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The Homeless Population

* Volunteering at the Nashville Rescue Mission* I served Lunch and Dinner to the homeless men in Nashville. * I helped prepare trays for the men to pick up.

The Homeless Population

Step 1 Assignment

Nashville Rescue Mission

Step 2Thoughts...

The little money received is spent on alcohol or drugs.

Most are African American...and they must be pretty smelly.

The homeless people are alone with no family or friends to help them or provide support.

* Many had jobs and families* I was surprised at their high energy and appreciation for the other volunteers* Many are making efforts to better their lives

Step 4Bottom Line

Step 3Findings

We treat the homeless this way...

People of the homeless population do not have jobs and put in little effort to find a job.

We should be treating them like this...With kindness, compassion, acceptance, and respect.


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