The Home Front and Total War

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Home Front and Total War

The Home Front and Total War

GermanyHome Front

What CountriesWere fightingIn The Total War?

Germany home front was youngmen goes to fight or volunteerto fight for their country. Nowfactories that produced weapons were lacking workers so they formedsomething called WorkForce, which Young and old men most come and help the factory creating goods for War

The reason why Britain andGermany were fighting was Industrialization which resources grew and it made other countries targeting the factory because that's where allgoods were produced

Britain's idea of workforce was notusing young and old men. They usedthe country's women to filled the gapwhen men go to the Battle

Britain Home Front

-The Britain's ideas weren't to gain landsor not to take Germany's resources because they had the whole sea. Theycan import supplies from other countriesor help from the United State- British ships were strong during that timeso Germany was hard to import suppliesto their country because British ships will sink anyships trying to import supplies to Germanyand later this was the Blockade

Britain's idea

Germany's Idea

Germany wanted to take over Britain but they said'NO!' because they didn't like about the German Leadership. Germany was powerful but Britain was also powerful so it might be hard for Germany to take it

Home Front


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