The Holocaust: Extermination Camps

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The Holocaust: Extermination Camps

The HolocaustExtermination Camps

By: Jon

Lethal EnjectionsThe lethal enjections would be a needle that would be enjected into you and you would be given a certain amount of time before you died. This would probably be one of the least painful way of murder.Burning( Death Factory)Probably the most painful, the victoms would be burned in public. First, human fat would be collected from past victoms to start a fire. Then, the new victoms would be forced to go to the pit. Finally, the pit would be lit on fire and the victoms Gas Chambers/VentsThis type of murder was one of the most common( charted). The victoms would step into the chamber , which the victoms thought was a shower. After, the gas would fill the chambers. This would be a slowish-fast death. Overwork, Starvation, DiseaseSince the Jews had such bad living conditions, very little food, it would be common to die from starvation or disease. Also, since the Jews were pushed to the limites with labor, they would often die of overwork.Usless ExperimentsThe Jews would suffer undiscribable pain, probably the side affects of the "treatment" The treatments had no medical porpoise. This method would be used for torture, not murder.

Ways of Murder and Torture

Gas Chamber (above)

Auschwitz Extermination Camp

1) About 3 115 000 - 3 215 000 were killed in the extermination camps during the Holocaust.2) Most of the extermination camps were located in Poland.3) Unlike how concentration camps served for detention and labor, extermination camps served for execution.4) The first of the camps were opened in May 1940, and the final camp was freed in January 1945. That meant these camps were around for about 5 years. Think about all the deaths...5) The biggest camp was Auschwitz-Birkenau. What I mean by the biggest is most deaths and size.6) Some of the prisoners were selected for labor instead of immidiate death. 7) About 20 000 people were burned in the Death Factory( burning ) every day.

Foul Facts

Map of Birkenau

Comparison of Camps

Prisoners inside of Auschwitz


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