The Holocost (Final Copy)

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The Holocost (Final Copy)

The Holocaust

By Foster Hillis

Time Line

January 30th, 1933

Hitler is one of the most memborble person to have a so called "toothbrush mustache." (See above)

To the left is a picture of how much of Europe the Nazi Party controled.

Below is a picture of Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun. They were married for less than 40 hours. They commited sucide together on a small sofa.

March 22nd , 1933

First concentration camp opened

November 9th, 1938

A night of extreme violence. Approximately 100 Jews were murdered. This was the major turning event in the Holocaust.

April 30th, 1945

May 7th, 1945

Faced with impending defeat, Hitler committed suicide

Germany surrender to end World War Two

Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany

A Not so Fun Fact: More than 11 million people died durning the Holocaust, that's about 7472 people a day


The Other Artifacts


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