The Holocaust

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

"You old loafer!" He started yelling "Is this what you call working?"Then he began beating shlomoPG: 54

"Beasts of prey unleashed, animal hate in their eyes"PG: 101

dehuminaizationis when you treatsomeone like theyre an animaland not human this is very cruel and inhumane and this is what the nazis did to the jews


Self preservation is the protection of yourself against death against nature or man. Elie demonstrated this by not attacking his fathers abuser when he was struck numerously


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He threw himself on me like a wild beast, beating my chest, on my head, throwing me to the ground picking me up again, crushing me with ever more violent blows until I was covered in blood PG:52

"I no longer felt anything but the lashes of the whip"PG: 57Shlomo did nothing as he watched his son get whipped

Self Preservation by Shlomo

I met my father. He came toward me: "So? Did you pass?""Yes. And you?""Also."

Self Preservation by Elie

Dehumanization by Idek

Dehumanization by Selection

Elie Wiesel took care of his father and did not self preserve he also stayed with his father while he was sick, he also struggled with his faith aswell.

Shlomo Wiesel had good faith and took care of his son unconditionally even at death he gave him his spoon and knife.

Shlomo Wiesel character desc.

Elie Wiesel character desc.


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