The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was happening when WWII started.It is one of the worst genocides in history. It was started by Adolf Hitler. He wanted the perfect race. He wanted people with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The Holocaust timeline


Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany

How many concentration camps were there? Between 1933 and 1945, there were about 20,000 camps.The most famous concentration campwas Aushwitz. It was also the biggest camp with 3 main camps.

Did jews try to escape the Holocaust? More than 90,000 jews fled to neighboring countries. After the war started in 1939, escaping became harder for jews.

What were jews fed in concentration camps?They were given meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.But many jews still starved.

What were jews lives like in concentration camps?Jews had to do work.When sleeping, four jews would have to sleep on one bed. Many other jews lived in a ghetto. A place where jews lived and starved because of very little food

What happened with the survivors? Many died by diseases and death marches. Death marches happened while jews walked miles to trains and cars to get taken away from the camp.

When did the Holocaust start?The Holocaust started in January 30 1988. When Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany. The Holocaust ended May 8,1945.


Hitler makes himself leader


Buchenwald death camp opens



D-Day: Allied invasion at Normandy

Hitler commits suicide and the Nazis surrender

How did people react to the Holocaust?Britian barely reacted to the Holocaust, but jews tried to fight back.

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