The Holocaust

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Jewish History

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The Holocaust

Stage 2: SymbolizationTargeted groups symbolized : Hutu and other names like tutsi, or jewish or gypsy, or christian or muslim. Also by physical characteristics- skin color or nose shape.- The Star of David

Stage 5: PolarizationWhat specific acts or actions led to the polarization of society ?Kristallnacht ( night of broken glass)

Stage 4: Organization:How was the genocide organized: Hilter, Classification, Camps, and Killing- Methods of training were given to the perpetrators: Basic Training / Military

Stage 6:Preparation- targeted group identified for death: They were identified by the tattoo they had with a number which all of them had a meaning.- Property and assets confiscated: No, they were like pets for example they had to do good at work so they would be feed.- targeted groups separated from the rest of society: Yes, they were all separated which they were all label and that way separated.- Targeted groups transported to the killing centers:: Yes, the groups were transported to killing centers by taking them in buses all the way there or would get killed inside the trucks

Genocide Name: The Holocaust - Location: In Nazi Occupied Europe.The extermination camps were nearly all in Nazi Occupied Poland- Years: Began in the 1941 and ended in 1943 during World War II- Perpertrators: Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Kurt Daluege, and Heinrich Himmler-Targeted Group: Jews,Gypsies, Poles,and other people with pyhsical or mental diabilities #Killed: 11 million people were killed- Methods of Killing: overwork, starvation, and disease. Shooting or mass shooting , gassing trucks,and extermination camps- International Reaction: shocked to see photographs of unimaginable horror- unspeakable brutality and atrocity

Stage 1: Classificationsmain group classifications: witnesses , homosexuals,and other political enemiesgroups targeted: jews, gypsises, poles,and other slaves plus people with physical or mental disabilities or other nazi victims because of what they would do .Why were those groups targeted ? The germans blieved both jews and the gypsies were racially inferior and degenerate and therefore worthless.- Groups that were responsible for the targeting: the nazi party which was led by Hitler- Why were thoses groups responsible: They blamed the jews for many of Germany's problems

Stage 8: DenialGenocide denied by trying to say that what happened inside the extermination camps and the stuff they would to the jews- Main Deniers: The Holocaust deniers.- Groups denying: The Nazi Germany's final solution polic aimed only deporting the jews from the reich and included no policy to exterminate jews. Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers to mass murder jews. That the number of people killed wasn't how much people died.

Stage 7: ExterminationTargeted groups exterminated: Mass shooting, gassing trucks, extermination camps, and would make them work nonstop without eating or drinking water-

Stage 3: Dehumanization- How were the targeted groups dehumanized:Some of the jews were living a normal life at citys, while others were living at the ghetto and other jews were deported straight to the camps.- Terms that they would use to call or talk about a jew was rat.- The lie was they were going to be free- They would work all day and treated like pets- Jews looked so skinny because of not eating.- They were with scars and in pain- Information spread: They were spreaded by putting pictures of the Jews people of how they looked which made them look like they were from other world.


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